who we are

who we are - Cortina Cab

Cortina Cab Service was founded to meet the transportation needs of the guests of Cortina d'Ampezzo " pearl of the Dolomites " and is the best solution if you want to move anywhere in the city , or make long trips.

It ' a convenient and efficient service .

Its highly qualified and professional staff will offer a performance at high levels , in terms of punctuality , courtesy .

Our cars fleet will satisfy the most demanding requirements 

Limousine services

Limousine services - Cortina Cab

Limousine services


Transfer service from your home to the tourist resort .

 Connections to and from airports .

Transfer to and from train stations.

Provisions daily or hourly .

Outlet shopping day .

Guided tour of Venice and other cities .

Service Shattle

Service Shattle - Cortina Cab

Service Shattle


Link to the ski slopes .

Dolomites tours.

Transfers to and from hotels or restaurants.

Shopping day .

Transfer to Christmas markets .

Transfer to the ski sled

Transportation to shelters mountain for dinner 

Cortina Cab

Cortina Cab